As part of activities towards the forthcoming coming National Convention of the All Progressives Congress, friends, associate, political leaders, concerned APC Youths and sociopolitical group of south western Nigeria on Tuesday in Lagos has endorsed Dayo Israel to contest for the position of the National Youth Leader of the party during its convention coming up on the 26th of March, 2022.

Setting his mission and agenda to raise and empower the next generation of Progressive mindset across the Country, over five hundred Youths from different chapters of the party, women, as well as delegates from Abuja and across the country were present at the press conference to support the aspiration of Dayo Israel to become the National Youth Leader of APC.

In his address, Dayo Israel notified all the members of the APC that he is ready to champion all the courses that concerns Nigerian Youths through proper representation.

He maintained that he is ready to spread progressive ideologies among Nigerian youths and engage policy makers and politicians elected on the platform of the party to fulfil their promises to and the Nigerian Youths at Large.


In different remarks from those that present at the programme, it was made known that with the wealth of experience from Dayo in Nigeria and across the globe, he is the right personnel that can pilot the affairs of youths within the party.

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