The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has hailed the British government for clarifying its purported classification of the group as a terrorist organisation.

The group, however, called on the government to change its mind on the continuous humiliation of Biafra.
A statement by Media and Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful urged Britain to appreciate that Biafrans were human, saying the government must benefit from the republic upon realisation.
The group also wondered why the British government has not publicly condemned the abductions, killings and rape by bandits and terrorists in the Southeast.
The statement reads: “Our attention has been drawn to the inaccurate and fake news purporting that the United Kingdom has classified IPOB as a terrorist organisation. We wish to clarify that there is no truth in the malicious news planted and being peddled by the enemies of Biafra freedom and independence.
“Nothing more may be said than the clarification already given by the British High Commission in Abuja, to the effect that the report is untrue and should be disregarded.

“We call on British government to change its mind of continuing to humiliate Biafra, the world is going behind those old systems they used to humiliate Biafra; that Stone Age is gone and they should understand that Biafrans are human beings and they must benefit from Biafra when the time comes.
“Nigeria has been sponsoring insecurity and banditry in Biafra land, and it continues linking it with IPOB in its desperation to demonise IPOB and ESN operatives, and present us as terrorist organisation that we are not.

“IPOB has been in existence long before those criminals trying to blackmail the good work of IPOB in London. Nigeria media must be objective in their reportage, and ensure they investigate news before giving the public wrong information that is not true.

“IPOB is a peaceful and non-violent movement seeking to free indigenous Nigerians from bondage. We advise Biafrans to be resilient and pursue our freedom with determination because Biafra must come in our time. We have gone far and cannot stop midway.”

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