Former Secretary-General of the defunct Nigeria Football Association (NFA) now Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Ahmed Sani Toro, who was recently kidnapped and released has said that he has forgiven his kidnappers hoping that Allah will forgive them too.

Narrating his ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers, Sani Toro said that it was an act of Allah and so he has handed over everything that happened to him (Allah).

Speaking to Journalists in his residence at GRA Bauchi, on Wednesday, Sani Toro who was kidnapped alongside two of his close friends said that but for the fervent prayers of his family members, friends and well-meaning Nigerians, he would have been killed by the kidnappers.

The former member of the House of Reps said that “I have forgiven the kidnappers and I am asking Nigerians to continue to pray for them so that they will have an encounter with God and become good citizens of Nigeria.”

He narrated that they were kidnapped by about 12 kidnappers who were heavily armed when they were stopped in their vehicles at Anguwan Mallam Musa, Fada Karshi along Abuja – Jos road at about 8 pm.

According to him, “Pointing their guns at us, they ordered us to get out of the car and started trekking. We trekked into the bush from 8 pm-5 am. We crossed through a river that almost reach us at chest level. They neither gave us food nor water to drink. It was a terrible experience”.

The former NFF Scribe further said that the kidnappers took them to an unknown destination in the forest where they stayed for almost 3 days without food or water.

While rẹcollecting, he said: “The kidnappers were young men in their 30s, who apart from starving us, prevented us from performing our prayers when it was time for such.”

Expressing gratitude to Allah and every person who showed concern for the situation he found himself in, he said that the prayers of Nigerians, his family and friends ensured his release.

On whether ransom was paid for their release from captivity, Sani Toro said that he was oblivious to the details that led to the release and so he cannot ascertain whether a ransom was paid to secure his release or not.


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