The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Kukah, has expressed his displeasure on how politics is being handled in Nigeria, saying it is only in Nigeria that religion matters in politics; hence the reason for the misuse of power in the name of religion.

While decrying that religion seems to have gradually become the citizenship rather than the nationality in Nigeria, Kukah said the misuse of religion has become a subject of interest in the polity.

Kukah said this in Sokoto while inaugurating the Christian Association of Nigeria Guest House in the state.

To Nigerian Christians, the Bishop said inefficiency is what has made things matter.

He said, “Inefficiency is another word for corruption. Nigeria is one funny country where you can do whatever you like and nothing happens. You hear people stealing billions and it ends like that.”

In his advice against amassing unholy wealth, Kukah stated, “The Kingdom of God is not built on material blocks, hence we must be a little restrained in the aggressiveness with which we amass materials if they are of evil roots.”

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