World Cancer Day: Early detection can cure cancer Expert

World Cancer Day: Early detection can cure cancer, Expert, The Coalition Against Cancer in Nigeria, Oyo State Chapter, has advised all and sundry about cancer and the need for them to always go for medical checks for early detection of the disease which will be of great help in both the treatment and prevention.

Speaking on the theme for this year World Cancer Day “Close The Care Gap”, Dr Molara Olusola Taiwo, the Chairperson of Coalition Against Cancer Oyo State Chapter, encouraged all women to always go for medical checks, noted that such attitude will not only help in knowing their state of health but will help in preventing cancer disease

Every February 4th it’s a day that is set aside to commemorate Cancer worldwide, to raise awareness on the danger inherent in the disease and preventive measure to take

World Cancer Day: Early detection can cure cancer Expert


“In Nigeria, we have made to know that 12% of cancer we have are actually breast cancer and breast cancer is the commonness cancer type worldwide and it’s the most common cancer in women, followed by cervical cancer, and then we have prostate cancer, so it’s quite prevalent in our environment and there is need for us to create and step up the awareness so that we can stem the scourge, so we will not be having more incident of this diseases, it’s preventable, treatable, in fact, cervical cancer can be prevented if you have immunization against it,” Omolara said.

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