Emefiele’s Absence Stalls Probe On E-Customs Modernisation Project

Emefiele’s Absence Stalls Probe On E-Customs Modernisation Project, House of Representatives investigative hearing into the e-Customs modernization project scheduled for Tuesday was stalled following the non-appearance of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

However, the investigative hearing was thrown into disarray as members of House of Representatives joint Committees on Customs & Excise as well as Banking & Currency who attended the investigative hearing differed on the move by the lead Chairman, Hon. Leke Abejide threatened that the House will not hesitate to issue a warrant of arrest against the CBN Governor if he fails to honour the invitation sent to him by the Joint Committee.
Hon Abejide, who frowned at the continued absence of the CBN Governor, said the parliament can’t continue tolerating this, hence a warrant of arrest should be issued.

One of the lawmakers, who expressed grave concern over the development, alleged that some of the lawmakers have been shielding the CBN Governor from honouring the invitation of the House of Representatives Committees since the 8th Assembly.

They alleged that members of the Joint Committee should be given an opportunity to air their opinion on the decision or vote on the issue.
However, Chairman, House Committee Banking and Currency, Hon. Victor Nwokolo expressed stiff opposition against the issue of a warrant of arrest told one of the lawmakers: “Honourable off your mic, honourable off your mic, honourable, nothing have gone wrong.”

Emefiele’s Absence Stalls Probe On E-Customs Modernisation Project

Worried by the heated debate ensuing from Hon. Abejide’s position, Hon. Sada Soli urged the joint Committee to resort to an executive session for an in-house discussion.

He said: “may I apply that this committee excuses the strangers on the floor for us to do some in-house clearing? May I apply that this committee excuse strangers from this meeting for about five or 10 minutes? I’m applying.

It is normal in Parliament you have these exchanges but in order to do some in-house clearing, may I put a motion before this committee, let the strangers give us about 10 minutes let us look at some of the issues ad then we call them back.”

On resumption from the closed-door meeting, Hon. Abejide said: “Please, everything has been withdrawn behind closed doors and we resolved to withdraw the warrant of arrest earlier issued against the CBN Governor. But if anyone tries to look down on the parliament we will go ahead.

“We communicated with him twice, he (Emefiele) said we should give him time, that he was having meetings with some Governors. Even the director in charge of this guideline is out of the country.
(Emefiele) wrote us officially. They said they didn’t see the second letter that we wrote informing them about this meeting. Now they are aware.”

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