Setting a pace on a concern that human development is a pivotal to any socioeconomic growth of a society. It is also worthy of note that human kindness is an avenue that bring succour to the needy in the society.

Growing up in the heartland of Badagry, young and energetic entrepreneur youth with positive focus that will bring about desire development to his community, indeed it is a Real Act of Kindness by Mobolaji Ogunlende.

His strong agenda on human development cannot be overemphasized, recently, through his Real Act of Kindness (RAK) Foundation, he provided free Jamb class for students in Badagry, comprises of Badagry Central, Badagry West and Olorunda. This he noted that every Badagrian deserves quality education and he would not deterred in striving to achieve the provision of affordable education for his people.

Mobolaji Ogunlende never rest on his oars by making sure that the lives and property of his people are secured, when he donated Solar street light to Shoko Idiota Community Development Association (CDA) in Apa area of Badagry West, the community was surprised with this project due to the fact that it executed within two days, now this will create extended hours of activities that can positively impact small businesses in the area, indeed this is Real Act of Kindness.

The new transformation agenda embarked upon by Mobolaji Ogunlende also cut across Market Women Association, Traditional Groups, Christian Association of Nigeria, Muslim Society, Women Forum’s and Association of people living with disabilities, where he has provided various empowerment opportunity for them.

This new dawn in Badagry, no doubt, will bring about positive narration for Badagry, create spaces for the youths to thrive in their pursuit, provide avenue for economic emancipation for the people of Badagry and place Badagry in the community of developed entity.

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