Edo delegates send away health minister from state’s stand

Edo State delegates have sent away Minister of Health, Dr. Osage Ehanire from the stand designated for the state at the Eagle Square, venue of the ongoing national convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Several injured as Police control crowd with teargas

Delegates and supporters have been teargassed as security operatives struggled to control entry into the venue of the ongoing All Progressives (APC) National Convention at the Eagle Square in Abuja.

Several persons sustained injuries in the ensuing stampede.

The two entrances into the Square, through the Office of the Head of Service axis as well as the Federal Secretariat car park axis, were jam-packed with hundreds of supporters and delegates that tried to make their way to the venue.

At the Head of Service axis, the crowd overpowered the policemen on guard and pushed the gate wide open and dozens of people, including those who were not accredited, poured in.

The police resorted to teargassing everyone before managing to close the gate and resume admitting only persons accredited despite the rowdiness.

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