Lagos State government said it is determined to enforce stricter meat industry rules to prevent pandemics in abattoirs with two million cows slaughtered yearly in the state.

Speaking at the stakeholder’s engagement forum with private operators of veterinary phases, the Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms Abisola Olusanya said the state consumes over 1.8 million cattle and about 1.6 million sheep and goats which make the industry a big ecosystem.

She  said the  government  wants to give  residents  improved access to veterinary services when and where they need it, especially in rural areas, to better support animal health, the livestock agri-food sector and the strength of the  food supply.

According to her, the ministry is ready to overhaul abattoir operations to prevent the consumption of unwholesome meat by   increasing the number of veterinarians allocated for food inspection in each modular slaughterhouse.

She  said the government  was  working  on an  industry  policy    to  modernise   activities in the food  sector, including the red meat  value chain ,from animal identification to husbandry, slaughtering, processing and transportation to final consumers, to  ensure sanity in the system.

She said the government was putting in place measures   to protect the health of animals and ensure a consistent, high-quality supply of food, and support initiatives to strengthen public confidence in agriculture.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Mrs Olatokunbo Emokpae said the government was  determined  to protect the welfare of livestock animals , help ensure food supply is secure, and to support the crucial role of veterinarians in ensuring that.

According to her, the government wants to address the challenges faced by veterinarians and   improve access to the essential veterinary services required to keep their livestock healthy.

She said the purpose of the forum was to ensure a strong livestock sector and have a positive impact across the agri-food supply chain.

President, Commonwealth Veterinary Association, Dr Olatunji Nasir urged the government to support veterinary experts to tackle the challenge of quackery bedeviling the industry, describing it as an albatross that has caused financial losses and integrity damage to the profession.

He said the activities of non-professionals who engage in impersonating veterinarians have become a threat to the practice.

  1. The President, Small Animal Veterinary Association of Nigeria (SAVAN), Dr. Kunle Abiade, who described quackery as a serious albatross, said some people were fond of pretending to be what they are not, impersonating veterinarians and in the process damaging the integrity of the profession.
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